Who We Are

Industrial Technology Services (ITS) has a knowledgeable staff with experience in the fields of manufacturing, engineering and project management. Drawing from our proven experiences, our Engineers and Project Managers take pride in delivering superior, yet simple, solutions. 

The ITS Plus Factor

At ITS, we challenge ourselves every day to find a better way to achieve the most productive and efficient solutions to every project. We question every specification and installation plan, always trying to find a better way to complete the project. We call it our “What If” approach. It’s a fresh, innovative way of thinking—and it comes standard with every project.  

Be the Solution.

Get After it.

Meet the Commitment.

Mission & Values = Customer Relationships

At ITS, our goal is simple: work in partnership with our clients to build long-term, lasting relationships. To accomplish this, our Engineers and Project Managers are focused on delivering superior, simple, and cost-effective solutions designed to help our customers achieve the highest level of success. 

Engage With Your Team

Safety, Toolbox Talk, and Leadership

Information About The Project

Develop a Gameplan with Your Team

Tools – Materials – Equipment

The Right Tools for the Job, Materials Ready for the Team


Collaboration With Your Team

Deliver an Amazing Project

Foster a Culture of Strength, Alignment, and Confidence Between You and ITS

Turnkey Solutions

Nationwide Service & Installations

Superior Craftsmanship

Engineering & Design Versatility